Thursday, September 06, 2007

New Methods For Acne Treatment
By: Flor Serquina

Acne is a reality many of us have to go through at least once in our lives. Sometimes, acne thankfully ends at the end of puberty; for a few unfortunate others, acne can extend into adulthood, and can be even more difficult to treat as the years pass. With a lot of research into the causes of acne, new treatment regimens are discovered every year, and new acne treatments are more readily available and are becoming less expensive to undertake.
As with any other health problem, it is always best to consult a professional before you subject yourself to any type of treatment or medication. For acne and other skin problems, we should consult licensed dermatologists. Even with mild cases of acne, consultation is still best done prior to treatment and even afterwards.If you have a particularly stubborn or difficult-to-treat case of acne, new treatment regimens may not be enough to help you out, and you might need to supplement your treatments with more traditional methods.
Nowadays, there is so much hype on the more radical ways of treating acne, but this may still prove dangerous to people who could be sensitive to the latest introduction of acne treatment. Among the latest trends of treating acne is the method of stripping the old skin and thus exposing the inner skin which might be in danger of infections if the procedure is not properly done. Such modern methods need to be approached with caution, especially since exposed skin is prone to infections. Dermatologists therefore recommend taking oral antibiotics when undergoing this type of treatment.
Clearer Skin Through Birth Control Pills
Skin experts know that birth control pills, as a side-effect, help in the speedy treatment of acne. Treatment using topical solutions on creams and ointments has been the more popular choice of treatment that patients readily resort to. Because birth control pills stabilize the estrogen and progesterone levels of women, non-invasive acne treatment has become more effective with its simultaneous use.Acne treatment often leaves scars and small cysts. These concerns have already been addressed even by manufacturers of acne creams and ointments. Mandelic and malic acids are active ingredients in acne solutions known to deal with this problem. Mandelic acid prevent pore clogging as it controls the production of oil glands. Malic acid, equally, benefits the skin by keeping it hydrated without the excessive oil production.
Light And Photodynamic Therapy
Efforts to come up with the latest applications of treatment for scars brought about by acne have resulted in the use of different frequencies of light. The use of the blue and red light therapy at certain frequencies either through bulbs or lasers is believed to reduce the acne lesions. This kind of therapy is meant to destroy the acne-causing bacteria and this procedure has been found to be highly effective. This procedure is, however, expensive considering that the technology is new.The light therapy has also evolved into a new technology called photodynamic therapy. With this, a stronger concentration of blue and violet lights is used to destroy acne-causing bacteria in the skin.
Laser Light Treatments
Another treatment regimen involves the use of lasers to remove acne and reduce the scars that acne leave behind. In general, laser treatment burns out the follicle sac in which hairs grow, and in which acne begins to form. A laser will also burn out the oil glands that produce pore-clogging oils.Likewise, laser causes the bacteria to form oxygen molecules and because these acne-causing bacteria thrive in environments without oxygen, they are killed once exposed to the laser. This particular therapy is therefore effective in eradicating the bacteria.Current acne treatment technologies present people with a variety of choices. These treatments have been made available to people with acne problems from all walks of life, anywhere in the world. Even as research on modern day acne treatment continues to unfold, people have ready options that work and that are relatively affordable. Your acne troubles do not have to stay with you for the rest of your life.

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