Sunday, September 16, 2007

Acne Home Treatment Explained

There are so many acne treatment products available in the market with purpose to help acne suffer get the clear skin they want without spending too much money.There are also many surgical acne treatments, but these procedures often cost considerably more than even a year’s worth of home treatment.
One of the best options you should take into consideration is home acne treatment, regardless of the myth that home acne treatment is not as effective as medical treatment, but the truth acne treatment products only work if you have a commitment to make them work.Home acne treatment is what most people do on a day-to-day basis, you make a routine based on the products you have, and if you are persistent, then your reward will be a clearer skin. It is all about adopting the right attitude.Doing everyday things, such as washing, cleansing and maintaining your skin is part of the attitude. Changing your diet and choosing for a more acne clearing lifestyle will only benefit you more.
There is just so much expensive acne treatment process you can do. But if you do not follow the advice in this article, the whole easy solution will fail and you will be disappointed with the results. So be smart, patient, and diligent and you will get that clear skin as a reward.
Definite Guide to Acne Home RemedyBelow are some home acne remedies you can use and easy to find:ToothpasteThere is no scientific prove to support the effectiveness of toothpaste for curing your acne or at least lessen the spread of acne.
However, in fact, toothpaste is one remedy widely used as acne home remedy. Just apply it directly to your zits before go to bed, it is believed to help control the swelling a whole night.
You can use some fruit combination to help reducing spread of acne like mixing fresh lemon juice and rose water and leave it on your face for 15 minutes after that rinse it with warm water, and doing it for 15 days, you will be surprised to see the result.As well you can use lime combined with rose water and use it as described above.
Salt has been proved to have many uses in medical field. Using salt added with warm water to wash your face twice a day can remove excess oil in your face.
A combination of particular herb can help you get rid of acne. A combination of witch hazel, tea tree, and sweet fennel essential oils put into water apply it to the swelling twice a day can give you satisfactory results. Just remember to shake this mixture before used.
Aloe vera as well is useful to use. Make a juice from it and apply it using the same ways described above.

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