Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Natural Acne Treatment

The ability to cure acne is what is sustaining thousands of companies all around the world. One of the most interesting things is that not one of these companies can give you an iron clad guarantee that their acne treatment will allow you to rid yourself fully of acne. So, why are these companies still in business?

The main reason behind this is that acne treatment is still not an exact science. There are no certain theories behind it. You will find ointments, lotions and soaps are the most popular means of acne treatment, but just as equally popular is the so called natural acne treatment using herbal products.

Natural acne treatment is very popular with many people but there are a few things that need to be understood before choosing this option.If you visit the web site of any of the manufacturers of these natural acne treatment medications (herbal acne treatments), you will find numerous claims regarding the effectiveness of their products. The sites are normally filled with testimonials of satisfied customers and other supporting documentation that might be able to convince you on the efficiency of their product. The only issue with all of this is that there is not much scientific data to validate these claims.

In addition, this problem has been magnified due to the lack of any governing body researching the claims.However, we are not passing judgment on natural acne treatment. After all, because there is are no regulatory body verifying these claims does not mean these products are not reliable. In fact, if there are no regulatory bodies, that is a problem with the government.If you look back into history, you will find that our civilization has been using natural acne treatment for thousands of years.

There were natural treatments for almost every ailment and that time, there were no multinational drug companies catering to the medical necessities of the world. There was only nature and its natural products which we had to rely on to survive. In the scheme of things, how medicine is viewed now is something recent. Most of us argue that our modern medical science has increased our life span and has also triumphed over most of the diseases, although in general, people in the past were healthier and attributes their health to the natural products that they used.

So, is natural acne treatment better? The only way this question can be answered is by researching the matter in detail. Try to read about herbal products that are supposed to treat acne, then find an acne product that contains those ingredients.

Hopefully, it will it prove to be effective for your acne treatment. Did you know that Echinacea (also being used in Homoeopathy) and tea tree oil are the two most effective anti-bacterial herbal plants and prove highly effective in acne treatment? Similarly, you could also use a lot of clay masks, facial peels and gentle abrasives for natural oil treatment, which have proven to be effective in many cases.

If you have not already, you may give natural acne treatment a try.

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