Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tips For Finding The Best Acne Treatments
By Stella Pobre

The simple fact that there are so many different acne treatment options available can make the process of finding the best acne treatments quite a challenge. After all, there are literally hundreds of different acne treatment products on the market, and of course they all claim to be the best at eliminating acne breakouts and preventing their return.

Making sense of all these different acne treatment options can be quite difficult, but it is important for each acne sufferer to find the product that works best for them, and then to keep a supply of those effective acne treatments on hand, so that future outbreaks of acne can be dealt with as promptly as possible.

There are of course many products, both natural and artificial, that have been used to treat acne through the years, and many of them have built up quite a reputation for quality over the years. Perhaps the most widely used acne treatment ingredient is benzoyl peroxide. This commonly used chemical is found in a wide variety of acne treatment preparations, sold under a wide variety of brand names, and it has consistently proven its effectiveness at banishing acne breakouts, keeping the skin clean and keeping the pores clear of oil, dirt and dead skin cells.

While solutions containing benzoyl peroxide can be remarkably effective at getting rid of acne, some acne sufferers are troubled by the redness, itching, flaking and dryness that can sometimes result from treatment with strong benzoyl peroxide solutions. For that reason many manufacturers of acne medication have begun to include other, more soothing ingredients in their acne medications.

The purpose of adding additional ingredients like aloe vera to acne medications is to make the treatment less harsh, and to help keep the skin in good condition.
In addition to time tested acne treatments like benzoyl peroxide there are a number of natural products on the market, and for many acne sufferers these natural solutions have proven to be the best acne treatments money can buy. Vitamin supplements like vitamin A and vitamin B5 are often used to prevent and treat acne, and products like zinc are also showing promise as acne treatments.

No matter what type of acne treatment products you prefer, it is a good idea to keep a supply of those favorite acne treatments on hand, since treating an acne problem at the first sign of an outbreak is one of the best ways to make sure the outbreak is short lived. In fact treating an acne outbreak at the first sign of trouble can do a great deal to shorten its duration and lessen its severity.

Dealing with an acne problem as soon as possible, using the best acne treatments on the market, is also one of the best ways to prevent serious complications such as scarring from occurring. For all these reasons and more, it is important to find the products that work best on your own unique kind of acne problem, and to always be on the lookout for signs of trouble.
Stella served as an assistant at a beauty clinic for 5 years before leaving to pursue a career as a beautician. She now owns a beauty salon where she has a monthly clinic on acne treatment.

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